Film Review: The Invasion (2007)

The newest remake of the story INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS greatly departs from the previous versions in that the alien presence is now an infection or parasite. In the Oliver Hirschbiegel directed remake THE INVASION Nicole Kidman stars as Carol Bennell a woman who tries to run away from the alien infestation when a downed space shuttle brings back to Earth an unknown being. The first one to experience the alien’s infestation is Carol’s ex-husband Tucker (Jeremy Northam) and from there the infestation spreads like wild fire. Like all previous versions by the time any one realizes that something is wrong with the people around them it is too late.

Carol soon realizes that the only way to not be taken over by the alien is to not fall sleep and the only way to avoid capture is to show no emotion. Things get even more complicated when Carol realizes that her son Oliver (Jackson Bond) is immune and with the help of her boyfriend Ben (Daniel Craig) and Dr. Stephen Galeano (Jeffrey Wright) they all try to get to a safe haven in older to find a cure for the epidemic.

Where the film suffers the most is in the tone in that its not sure if it wants to be a psychological thriller, a drama, or an action film. It is well known that James (V FOR VENDETTA) McTeigue was brought in for reshoots when the studio was disappointed with the rough cut. McTeigue amped up the last third of the film in terms of action but this sharp change in direction goes against everything that came before it. Written by Dave Kajganich (based on the novel “The Body Snatchers” by Jack Finney) the new film is competent yet lacks the cinematic punch of any of its predecessors and becomes just another lackluster remake in a trend of under performing remakes (i.e. THE HITCHER or WHEN A STRANGER CALLS).