Best Movie Openings on Super Bowl Weekend: Box Office Bowl

Sometimes you can tell how much faith a movie studio has in a certain movie based on what time of year the movie is released. Often a movie studio will drop their worst movies in the January, February and March months. Perhaps the worst spot for a movie though is the last weekend of January or the first weekend in February, which to most of the world is known as Super Bowl weekend.
Super Bowl weekend is not a good weekend do debut your movie and this year’s Super Bowl openings at the movie theaters include Jessica Alba’s The Eye, Eva Longoria’s Over Her Dead Body, Steve Zahn’s Strange Wilderness and Hannah Montana amp; Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert. Will these new releases be hurt by Super Bowl weekend or can the power of Jessica Alba or Miley Cyrus overcome and make Super Bowl weekend history?

The following 10 movies are their competition. These movies are the top ten movies that have opened on Super Bowl weekend and grossed the most over that weekend.

10. Spice World

Super Bowl Weekend Gross: $10.5 million
I guess Posh Spice didn’t realize that this American football game was such a big deal in the United States.

9. The Wedding Date

Super Bowl Weekend Gross: $11.1 million
The Wedding Date was a romantic comedy starring Debra Messing during the height of her popularity. But not even Messing’s popularity could overcome the Super Bowl weekend.

8. Darkness Falls

Super Bowl Weekend Gross: $12.0 million
There are about 40 or 50 horror movies every year so some of them, usually the worst, have been dropped in the January and February months. But horror movies almost always have an audience so even Darkness Falls hit the $12 million mark on opening weekend.

7. Because I Said So

Super Bowl Weekend Gross: $13.1 million
After Diane Keaton had success in Something’s Gotta Give somebody decided she was now a romantic comedy actress. They were sadly mistaken but $13 million is pretty good considering the quality of this movie.

6. The Wedding Planner

Super Bowl Weekend Gross: $13.5 million
Once upon a time people actually cared about Jennifer Lopez so just the fact that she was in it made at least made a few million people see it.

5. The Messengers

Super Bowl Weekend Gross: $14.7 million
The Messengers is probably one of the few big winners here. The Messengers was a bad horror film, with little publicity and not much star power but it some how came away with the fifth best opening for Super Bowl weekend. Not bad.

4. She’s All That

Super Bowl Weekend Gross: $16.1 million
She’s All That was a ridiculous plot starring the two worst actors I can think of, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Paul Walker. But if you’re going to watch a football game that is usually bad with a lot of commercials that are really bad I guess it’s only right to round out the weekend with a bad movie.

3. You Got Served

Super Bowl Weekend Gross: $16.1 million
Forget about cheerleaders, the only way to start off your Super Bowl weekend is with a dance-off.

2. Boogeyman

Super Bowl Weekend Gross: $19.0 million
Boogeyman was yet another horrible horror film. You horror fans will go see anything!

1. When A Stranger Calls

Super Bowl Weekend Gross: $21.6 million
I’ve never seen When A Stranger Calls and I’m not even that familiar with it but apparently it made $21 million dollars the same weekend as the Super Bowl in 2006. Well that was the year the Seattle Seahawks were in the Super Bowl so I could understand why there were more people looking for something to do.