Top 5 Kick-Ass Women in Movies

These women kick serious butt in their movie roles!
Here are my Top 5 Kick-Ass Women:

Lara Croft – Tomb Rider

Main Reason: Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Jolie’s role as a sexy adventurer hunting for ancient artifacts is a classic already. Okay, the movie is based on a video game, but who gives? Of course, Tomb Rider is silly at times. It’s pure popcorn cinema, but with a super-strong female lead. And, who can look away when Angelina Jolie kicks serious butt on screen?

Uma Thurman – Kill Bill

Uma Thurman plays “The Bride.” When her boss tries to kill her, she wakes up from her coma and seeks revenge on everyone who has wronged her.
Why I like this movie?

Well, for once, “The Bride” uses samurai swords, butcher knives, and frying pans to get her revenge. It’s pure fantasy, Quentin Tarantino style. Dark, funny, and so entertaining, you can’t look away even as the blood starts flowing in ridiculous amounts. Kill Bill tells the simple tale, that sometimes, it’s good to be bad.

Thelma and Louise

Okay, they are two, not one woman, but they really come as a package in this movie.

Not an action flick, but a road movie. As far as I know, it breaks with tradition by having two female leads, Susan Sarandon as Louise, and Geena Davis as Thelma. While Thelma and Louise don’t display any extraordinary physical strengths, it is their strength of friendship that most impresses me. They show courage, even when the situation spirals toward hopelessness. Thelma and Louise are not your average action movie heroines, but in my book, they kick ass.

Kate Beckinsale – Underworld

For once, I’m a fan of vampire and werewolf flicks. I think that Kate Beckinsale, wearing a leather bodysuit, does an excellent job portraying a sophisticated vampire. The atmosphere in the movie is gloomy and edgy, and who can resist if a vampire falls in love with her archenemy, a werewolf, or in this case, a Lycan. And, best of all, she’s the one who does the job protecting her man! Kate Beckinsale portrays a woman who doesn’t need to be saved, that’s for sure.

And the last one, a bit of a surprise, but:

Scarlett O’Hara – Gone With the Wind

It’s a classic!

Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara. While Scarlett O’Hara is selfish and manipulative, she grows through hardship and conflicts. And, she never gives up. Through the entire movie, Scarlett O’Hara fights for her place in life with an iron will. And her phrase, “Tomorrow is another day,” has become a legendary catchphrase.