Best Horror-Movie Box Sets for Halloween

With Halloween quickly approaching, the best way to get into the holiday spirit is to curl up with a stack of horror-movie boxed sets. To help you find the best horror-movie box sets for Halloween, I’ll skip over the useless ones, and go right into the best sets.

Friday the 13th – From Crystal Lake to Manhattan is a must have on the list. This horror movie boxed set includes the first 8 movies in the Friday the 13th series, from the first movie up to Jason’s infamous attack on New York. The set has its ups and downs, but is well worth the roughly $50 price tag. The bonus features are a little lacking, and some of the films are still edited, but you still see Jason Vorhees, Corey Feldman, and Crispin Glover in all their young glory.

Next up is The Masters of Horror Season One Box Set. The set includes 14 discs at a $79.99 retail price. The episodes feature some of the greatest people from the horror world including Clive Barker, John Carpenter, Jeffery Combs, and Freddy Krueger himself Robert Englund. I’m a little disappointed because I bought the original discs as they were released, for at least $10 each, and now you have the chance to buy them all for less than half that total price. The special features are also amazing; commentaries, interviews, and behind the scenes information.

You might want to think about adding the Faces of Death collection to your list as well. These “movies” claim to feature real documentary footage of deaths, but was recently revealed to be a hoax by the director. Despite that, I guarantee that there will be something in one of these movies that will stick with you, be it the suicide attempt, the monkey brain eating scenes, or the electrocution. I can still remember things I saw as a pre-teen, and have never seen since. The set retails for around $70-80.

And what about the complete Exorcist series? The set features the original Exorcist film, the “Version You’ve Never Seen”, Part 2, The Heretic, Part 3, The Beginning, and Dominion; all six movies in one boxed set for less than $30. The first film, and last two feature loads of bonus features, while the others have none.

Next on the list of best horror movie boxed sets for Halloween is The Omen Collection. I have the first set that was released prior to the Liev Schrieber/Julia Stiles outing a few years ago, but the new set includes that movie. You also get the original 4 movies, including the underappreciated Sam Neil vehicle, The Omen III The Final Conflict. The set retails for $40, but I’ve seen it at Best Buy for around $30.

The After Dark Horror Fest Boxed Set is well worth its list price of $129.99. The films had their ups and downs, but most had some redeeming qualities. Gravedancers starred Dominic Purcell from “Prison Break”, while Mimi Rogers turns up in Penny Dreadful. Each film features an actor or actress that you’ll recognize from somewhere else if you’re a film buff. You can also rent, or buy each film individually.

Make sure to add The Amityville Horror Collection. For $29.99 you get the first 3 movies, including Part 3 which features Meg Ryan, and a bonus disc with shows produced for the History Channel. The documentaries are worth the price alone because they feature George and Kathy Lutz, not long before George’s death.

Don’t forget the Scream Trilogy to your list of best horror movie boxed sets for Halloween. I’ve seen the movies so many times that they’ve lost any scariness they might have once held, but the movies are still easy to watch and love. Scream resurrected the horror/comedy genre while turning Jamie Kennedy into a household name, Scream 2 introduced Timothy Olyphant to the mainstream, and Scream 3 brought Patrick Dempsey back into the world before Grey’s Anatomy. The boxed set features commentaries, interviews, and documentaries.

And no list of horror movie boxed sets for Halloween can be complete without The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection. Released in 1999, this was one of the first horror movie boxed sets released. The boxed set features the first 8 films (not included, Freddy Vs. Jason), and 1 disc loaded with bonus features. When it was originally released the set retailed for over $120, but can now be found for $50 or less. If Freddy Krueger can’t get you in the Halloween spirit, no one can!

Try out one of these horror movie boxed sets, and you’ll be ready for Halloween in no time.